Independent Collection Hotels & Resorts

Stay inspired. Stay independent.

Destination Decoded worked with HHM to reposition and relaunch their Independent Collection brand. This included branding development, iconography and illustrations, launch marketing, commercial strategy, website redevelopment, visual guidance, email and editorial strategy, partnership development and public relations strategy.

  • Brand Repositioning
  • Branding Development
  • Visual Strategy
  • Marketing + Commercial Strategy
  • Digital Development
  • Content Strategy

Appealing to the Modern Day Traveler

Independent Collection sought to further develop their positioning as the authority for the modern day traveler seeking rich experiences in one-of-a-kind hotels. Destination Decoded crafted new brand identity that provided cohesiveness across properties while still honoring each hotels’ individual identity.


IC Fall Newsletter

Ready for a change of scenery?

The Independent Collection Hotel & Resorts fall newsletter encouraged travelers to embrace the spirit of adventure as the seasons changed.

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